How to become oneself?

To become oneself is the implicit aspiration of each of us. A long journey on a road marked with questions, obstacles, illusions ... It requires that we adapt to our "basic" data - a sex, a name, a family, an unconscious - before to be able to bloom the most intimate of oneself. The purpose of this inner journey? Live life in full consciousness rather than endure it.

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How do you become self?

Becoming oneself is the implicit aspiration of each and every one of us. A long journey on a road marked by questions, obstacles, illusions ... It demands ...

The various models of the self

The philosopher Michel Lacroix questions the history to find the roots of the realization of itself. An overview, in five key stages, of texts and ...

Therapy: discovering the

If the reasons for consulting a psychiatrist are various, to start a therapy is always to go to the search for oneself. A path full of surprises.

Who I am today

They are on the threshold of adult life or balance sheet. Marked by trials, awakened by encounters, they seek each other, stray for better ...

The family, the cradle of the self

From birth, every being inherits a family history, sometimes fraught with consequences. Becoming oneself means learning to cope with.

No longer being a spectator of his life

Individuals without pleasure, neither hope nor suffering, as if cut off by themselves, Jacques Arenes, a psychoanalyst, meets more and more. Reinvesting his ...


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