I am hypersensitive to touching

I am hypersensitive to touching

If someone puts their hand on my shoulder and says hello, I'll feel the imprint of that hand for a long time, several tens of minutes. In the same way, it is almost impossible for me to cuddle a cat while taking it on my knees: the sensation is on the verge of pain, so barely bearable. In my life, I am someone with enough privacy, avoiding physical contacts to the fullest, necessarily ... Can you explain to me where this sensitivity comes from? Maybe it's the same for everyone? Can I do something to make physical contact more bearable? Thank you. Envolia - 27 years old

Gérard Apfeldorfer

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist


It seems that you are falling prey to what doctors call an allodynia, which consists of pain triggered by skin sensations usually painless. These pains can be localized to certain parts of the body. They are often the symptom of a neurological problem that should be clarified. They can also affect the whole body and have their origin in the brain.

Antalgic medications are not very effective and some treatments have been proposed, such as neuro-stimulation.

Anyway, you must consult a neurologist who can research the causes of your disorder and offer you a suitable treatment.


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