How to manage stress at work?

How to manage stress at work?

Eric Albert

Coach and Psychiatrist


1) When learning how to manage stress, can you still stay motivated professionally?

It is eminently difficult to divide one's motivation, ie one's affective capacity (ability to love) between one's various fields of life:

  • personal life
  • professional life
  • friendly life and social.

Yet it is very important for his balance. So yes, we can be moderately motivated, and it's the only way to be motivated in time.

2) How to prove oneself in front of a new team without being nil?

What's the point of being zero? Is it about stammering and running a meeting? Are these technical skills ...? As long as we stay on a global fear, we are paralyzed because there is no solution.

We must rest the question of its value added to the team. And stop wanting to appear what you are not: that is to say someone very sure of himself, flawless. Dare to show that we are not perfect, while showing what we bring value

3) How to cope with an exhausting workload?

The limit must be clearly fixed in his head. You have to know precisely how far you are willing to go for your job.

Then you have to announce it clearly to everyone and especially to your boss.

4) How to talk about stress to your superiors?

With caution ... As soon as we talk about stress in the company, there is an attitude of mistrust and people have a tendency to say to themselves: "What is he blaming me for? under cover of stress ".


  • Find the right moment, for example at a lunch.
  • Ask his boss questions about his design: does he think that stress is useful, should it be limited, and so on?
  • Then only discuss with him concrete proposals like doing relaxation workshops or putting a measuring tool.
  • Finally, always bring the subject back to the joint interest of the company and the collaborators.

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