My last book is on Amazon ... It's time to make you happy!

Although all the articles I write are special, I must admit that it is particularly close to my heart and comes out of the classic consulting framework. I wanted to talk to you about something that has punctuated the last months of my life and that has required a lot of work. I'm talking about my latest book "Confidences of a Love Coach" which is now available on Amazon at a special price of € 6.99 until December 24th.

This is the work that is most personal and that took me the most time because I wanted it to be perfect and I am extremely proud of the result. It has been several months since I finalized it, because I wanted to give you a maximum of key to understand the subtleties of the sentimental life and especially to bring you testimonials as well as concrete examples.

I organized a conference before the launch and all the participants left with a preview of their copy of the book and I only had excellent feedback. I would like to thank them for their presence and support. To make an event in front of more than 120 people was exceptional and there will be many more dates I guarantee you. I advise you to follow my Facebook page because I reserve a few surprises!

If you have not been able to attend my conference, know that you can now get your copy of this book and leave me a little opinion on Amazon 🙂!

What will you learn by reading Confidences d'un Love Coach?

Even if I give myself a lot about myself or my career in this book, " The confidences of a Love Coach "is not an autobiography, even though I am now recognized on the street (I think it's the YouTube video effect!), it's true that for many people I'm still an" unknown "and it is therefore a way to make my acquaintance and understand what is this profession still unknown that I exercise.

But especially in this book, I listed the biggest problems of the love life that we are single, in couple or that we want to recover his ex. But as a coach I also had to bring solutions and you will find all the keys to adopt the right behavior. It's a real work on you and the limiting beliefs that I wanted to achieve.

Each page has been studied and analyzed to give you concrete support whatever your situation, whatever your goals. There are also heartbreaking testimonies of my coachees who have agreed to share their story to help you and show you that solutions exist.

You can download it now and start reading right away to set up the good actions by clicking here.

The confidences of a love coach, after the conference the book!

It was a wonderful event to organize and it's a date I will remember for a long time. Not only have I been able to present the fruit of 10 years of work as a sentimental advisor but most of all, I met my readers, my co-workers or people who went through my website.

If I organized this meeting so special it's because I wanted to talk to you about my job, about love in general but especially about misconceptions and false beliefs that we have on this feeling. We have all loved one and all, and this may still be the case for you, yet love is a feeling that is often misinterpreted.

We do not know the great rules of love and this conference was an opportunity to debate, understand, analyze everything we know and what we do not know about love. Having coached thousands of people, I became aware of what they needed and this conference confirmed me in this idea.

It was the first time in France that we were dealing with this subject with so many people and especially that there is a book which deals in depth with the errors that one makes in the matter of sentimental life, which details the most effective way to finally be happy in love.

So if you really want to touch the sentimental happiness direction Amazon by following this link: I want my copy of Confidences d'un Love Coach!


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