Seduction: Why do women intimidate men?

By looking at the tools to play down a romantic encounter, I wondered about a question that is rarely mentioned and yet affects 95% of men!

In my opinion, it is essential to understand the phenomenon of intimidation that men feel in front of a woman and how you could change the situation, whatever your gender!

You would like to understand why some women seem inaccessible to you ? You are fascinated by their charm and you naturally underestimate them? Or you are a woman and would like to understand what can scare a man?

It's up to the man to take the first step: To the front soldier!

In seductionthe influence of manners is very important. As you know, the decision to take the first step naturally falls to the man and it is a very difficult choice to undertake. Every man has already known the failure of an approach whether with a stranger or with a friend but very few men are able to surpass it.

Our human brain is not infallible and it often takes only one bad experience to find excuses and define a fear. In this case, to ridicule oneself in front of women.

Women are looking for a man, a real one!

The women regularly claim their need to to find a manwho can protect them while making them dream. This search for perfection thus gives "the obligation" men to seduce and especially to be up to it.

For many, the woman then has that the man must lead the seduction. This process is scary, intimidating and requires real analysis to act effectively.

Let's not forget that lack of personal trust is present in the majority of people (men or women). That's why it's never easy to to excel in order to try his luck with a woman.

The inferiority complex in front of a beautiful woman!

It is relatively delicate for the man not to consider seduction and especially the first approach according to the physics of wife that he wants to seduce. It is sufficient that wife be very attractive to him so that he loses his bearings and make a complex of inferiority.

Furthermore, the subjective is a totally feminine art and a man will have a hard time reacting to a smile, which often has a rather interesting meaning!

The seduction coach's solution!

Now that I have just pointed fingers the problems of seduction and of intimidation of men in front of women I will still give you some tips.

Romantic relationships are complex and need to play down the purpose of each of your desires. Do not try to be perfect, but concentrate on to give a good time to the people you are courting.

To fight the first approach, simply do not set a goal and simply have in mind the desire to socialize (and therefore naturally meet) people around you. The seduction will be counted later.

To find out more and to seduce the women or men who attract you, my book is THE Solution! To discover immediately: "The Code of Love"

See you soon.
Your coach in seduction,
Alexandre CORMONT

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