Recover her ex 3 months after: the method that really works

Love is a funny feeling, it can push us to move mountains, it makes mistakes, it creates new habits, it is probably one of the strongest things that a human being can feel. I am not trying to give you a definition of love in this article but it was important to remember these elements because many people do not understand how a situation like the one we are going to evoke can exist.

Several months ago you were still in a relationship and had a more or less long relationship but in any case very intense, your feelings were sincere and strong. Unfortunately, this beautiful story does not last. For one reason or another you broke up. Since then, you may have experienced new relationships but the memory of it remains strong in you. You do not arrive or do not want to turn the page and you wonder if it is possible to recover his ex 3 months after.

Many people may find it ridiculous to want to get their ex back after a few months or sometimes even a few years of breakup, but do not be swayed by outside advice. If you feel deep down that this story is not over and you still have a hope of reviving your relationship, then why not? Do you think that a break that begins to date prevents a reconquest? Well I prove you the opposite in this article!

Why do I think back to this relationship long after the separation?

I am aware that most of you are not necessarily happy at the thought of not being able to draw a line on the long break you have experienced. You would like to be able to go ahead and stop having this blockage. You dream of your ex and you ask yourself a lot of questions about how to react.

But what you absolutely can not grasp is why you are obsessed with him / her, you want to understand what makes you constantly have this relationship in mind even after such a long time.

First, and this is the most obvious reason. It's love that drives you to want recover his ex 3 months afteror even much longer sometimes. The feelings have not disappeared, you have lived moments together, you had a strong complicity and all that is missing. You have not found it with anyone else and that's what makes you want to rebuild the couple today.

If you are parents together, it is necessarily more difficult to move on and forget about his ex. You always have contacts for children, you often see yourself to assume responsibilities, so it is not uncommon for feelings to linger, even years after the divorce. You spend a family afternoon for the birthday of one of your children and the same evening you dream of your first couple holidays, your relationship. This shows that you must act and do everything to be reunited again.

The best advice to recover his ex 3 months after

In order to return to his ex after a long separationIt is necessary to set up specific techniques because several months of rupture necessarily change the methods to be used. If you have no contact with your ex for a while, a radio silence is not the best solution since you have not spoken in a while. On the contrary, it is the communication that will have to put forward if you want this idyll resume. Moreover for you to understand better or I wish I propose you to watch this video.

I am referring to the reconquest since the beginning of this article and it is important to respect a principle in this area, that of never rushing. For recover his ex after a break that lasted 3 months or even longer you must first take the time to think because the man or woman you knew before may have changed. Before thinking about rebuilding a couple, having projects, you must first get in touch and learn to know you again, even if it's been 3 months since you do not go anymore because things can change very quickly. Whether you like it or not, this break has left traces and you are no longer the same person. This does not mean that you are strangers to each other but it is important to re-appropriate.

For renew a dialogue with his former partner you have to be innovative and not basing everything on your past. If during your separation you have not changed anything, whether physically, professionally or in other areas your ex will feel like taking a step back. But to attract it requires novelty, curiosity. Talk about the trips you made, the promotion you got, the problems you encountered and overcome.This is an excellent way to create an exchange, to start on a new basis.

We must not start on the same basis as the previous story. This is the mistake made by many men and women in this situation. Remember, the relationship ended in failure, a break, so you do not have to not cling to the past at all costs, and make the same mistakes.

One of the tricks to recover his ex 3 months after and bet on the physical attraction. You already know each other, and if you were together it was that an attraction existed and that it was strong. So it's up to you to surf this urge and recreate an alchemy with that person you still love. For this, there is nothing better than to put in place a game of seduction. If you are able to awaken your attraction by becoming more seductive, safer (s), you will score points and push it to take a step towards you despite the distance that existed. time.


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