It is not written that the three-wire rope does not break ...

Who has never wanted to live the great love?

In marrying, no one on earth imagines living a hell. The hope placed in this commitment is significant, to the dimension of our ideal. Yet after only a few years of marriage so many couples are floundering, rather than flying to their destiny. Some are already considering the worst.

For many years now, statistics show that the number of divorces in the church (I evoke many couples whose love for God and their spouse is not to question as paradoxical as it may seem) is more than ever in the average of divorces recorded in non-Christian families. The report is distressing and God who hates divorce, is certainly dismayed.

Someone can legitimately ask myself by reading me: what good is it then to love and to commit oneself, if in the end the risk of rupture is so high, even for a Christian? Yet there is no inevitability, especially with the great and powerful God in whom we believe and, God's plan for your life as a couple rhymes with happiness !!

Ecclesiastes tells us in verse 12 of chapter 4 that "the three-wire rope does not break easilyThis verse, well known to all, is situated in a broader context of the strength drawn from the unity of the couple: The passage preceding this verse tells us:A single man is easily controlled by an opponent, but two, they can stand up to it (...)".

There is indeed a formidable opponent who threatens the couple. The enemy of our souls certainly, but this adversary although external to the couple will often find a gateway into the couple, by our characters, "the hardness of our hearts", our mentalities not yet transformed.

You see, it's not written that the three-wire rope does not break ...And it would be reductive and even naive to take for success the fact that his marriage was blessed by Pastor X, as famous as it is, in an evangelical church! It's up to everyone to maintain and protect their garden from all bad grass and to let in no wild animals, snakes or other cunning foxes that "ravage the vines when they are in bloom", the faithful God as to Him always doing his part.

I will end with this quote that illustrates our point:

" In order for a three-wire rope to be strong, it is necessary that the threads be intertwined so that it is impossible to get out one as long as it is linked to the others. ".

Microfibers, invisible to the naked eye, cling to each other, are attracted to each other to the point that it is impossible to isolate a wire without the others having to suffer.

Author: Illich Cécé
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