Will the football world destroy my relationship?

You can not miss out on this information unless you live outside of civilization without a TV, phone or computer! Since last night and after four long years of waiting, the long-awaited event by all football fans is launched. This edition takes place in Brazil and everyone seems delighted. Is everyone sure? Not really in reality. For the majority of women and even for some men, it is a real ordeal that begins and two questions that will arise throughout the competition: will I be able to support all these matches and this World Cup is not going to she not destroy my couple?

I understand your concerns since this sports event will be held for the next thirty days, until July 13, but I want to reassure you. No, you will not be part of those couples who tear themselves apart because of a sports event, as important as it is! To avoid conflicts that may arise during the coming month, I suggest some tips that will also serve you after this period so dreaded. This is a non-exhaustive list and you can help each other by delivering your best advice in the comments. Do not forget that unity is strength!

No, football will not destroy my relationship!

The first step in fighting something that displeases you is to put in place a very effective and yet often neglected technique: positive thinking. If you immediately think problem or hassle just when you mention the word football, world cup or balloon, you risk doing a lot of nerve crisis during the next days since until June 30th it is not less than two games per day to be played.

But rest assured, not all will be broadcast on television on free channels. Indeed, to watch the entire competition, it is essential to subscribe to a pay channel that is beinsport not to mention it! Here is already the first reason for satisfaction! As I told you, you have to keep hope and take things in a positive way. Thus, you will see that this World Cup will go much faster than if you are complaining every day about your fate.

So you must repeat several times a day at sunrise, at bedtime and throughout the day: "no football will not destroy my relationship After all, if you do the math, the duration of the reported world over 4 years is only one month, which represents 2% of the time, so you can do it!

No, football will not destroy a couple because you can just as well enjoy those moments during which your man will spend time in front of the television to take care of you and do what you did not have time to do until 'now. So this is the perfect time to do everything you dreamed of but you always push back. We must also know how to demonstrateautonomy in the couple and have his own hobbies.

4 tips to save your couple during the world

I propose a list oftips to save your couple during the world and do not know any separation on this occasion.

- Buy a new television to avoid being forced to watch football games on TV. There is no worse in terms of dispute than the choice of TV program of the evening, so to avoid endless discussions, it will be the best investment you can make!

- To know how to yield ... but not systematically. To avoid rants, you will have to take on you, but not every time. It is necessary that you make your partner understand that he must also share time with you, but on your side, it is useless to wean him of all the matches. Believe in the experience of a lover of good game, it is especially after the group stages that the competition becomes interesting.

- Organize a surprise party with her friends and ... leave the marital home to have a good time with the girlfriends of her friends. You will allow him to fully enjoy his evening and you will have the opportunity to make new friends. Your darling will be so grateful that in the days that follow, he will hesitate to put himself in front of the television.

- Try to interest yourself and understand the rules of the game, which for the most part does not claim to have come out of Saint Cyr to understand them. Your partner will be happy to explain or even re-explain the offside rule, the cases where there is a touch or corner or the reason why the goalkeeper is the only player who can use the hands. It will bring you closer and create a real intimacy between you.

Now you are ready to face the next 4 weeks. You will find that overcoming this world cup is not difficult since other women have done before you.To convince yourself, just take the example of your mother or a relative. This is just a bad time to pass and everything will be like before the final whistle on July 13th. And as the France team has no chance of winning the cup, the interest of your partner will come down soon!

The coach to save his couple during the world cup

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