10 tips to dress well to seduce!

How to dress to seduce for sure? When considering dredging, this is probably the most important question and you should definitely ask it. Of course you should not spend 2 hours choosing the ideal outfit to have a seductive look because you might lose some of his motivation, but you have to know how to choose his clothes to perfection according to certain criteria because is what will make you a femme fatale or a very attractive man. The goal is to maximize your chances of finding a person who will please usbecause the look undeniably allows to attract the eye. A book is judged on its cover and you will automatically be categorized according to the outfit you will have. I do not pretend it's good, but it's the reality! This is indeed the first thing that your target will notice then in seduction, do not miss! Whether you are a man or a woman ...

To know how to dress to please, I offer a lighting on the outfit to focus on your moments seduction. After talking about why it's important to have the best possible look to seduce, you'll find 5 tips for men and 5 tips for women.

Why do you have to have the right look to seduce?

Is there a perfect outfit to seduce any person? How to be persuaded to have the right look to flirt? These are the questions that many people ask themselves. And of course the answer is no! If it existed a magical outfit to seduce you can imagine that everyone would dress the same way.

If you have a minimum of experience you will realize that we do not dress at 15 as at 25 and even less at 45. Therefore when one wonders how to dress to seducewe must bear in mind that depending on the target we are going to have, we will inevitably have to adapt.

For this, we must consider several criteria that I would refer to a little further to better "talk" to its target. Indeed, we must know that in matters of seduction there is a rule: we attract a person when we look like him. Therefore, if you like it you want it to be reciprocal, you have to show him that you have something in common. And it's possible without even having to talk!

We usually say "the habit is not the monk" but in the case of seduction it is obviously the opposite. When a stranger is going to see you for the first time she will systematically judge you on the look you have and will have a clear idea of ​​your character. When we choose a look to seduce it is to create an attraction at the first glance, to highlight even before pronouncing the first words to flirt. Your dress will help you if it pleases your target because it can influence his choice!

The look that we have is a reflection of our personality, it represents the first image that we give to people and it is very difficult to stand out from this label that stuck us. A man dressed in a suit on the subway will immediately be better perceived by people than a man in tracksuit. The look to seduce that you will adopt, whatever it is, must be treated and please your target then choose the right look to seduce so as to approach an attractive woman in a relaxed way!

You must adopt a look that differentiates you from others by putting your personal touch but without doing too much. In France, the look and colors must remain classic unlike more open countries like the USA where colors are better tolerated. Before going to flirt, you must always look after your look to seduce because it has a real impact on your power of seduction.

5 tips on how to dress to please girls!

Gentlemen, you probably know that women and clothes are one! Therefore, if you want to have a chance with a girl who draws you you will have to make a sartorial effort. To help you make the right choice and especially to avoid small mistakes, here are 5 effective tips to know how to dress to seduce any girl!

1 / Choose clothes adapted to your morphology and do not hesitate to touch up the clothes which you like but which are badly trimmed.

2 / Emphasize classic colors such as blue, white, black, brown or gray. It may seem a little sad, but at least you will avoid mistakes of taste and it will be easier to give the clothes between them.

3 / Never neglect the pair of shoes because this is what women look first in a man. Ideally choose a pair of brown shoes and a belt in the same color to make a reminder.It's very classy and it will allow you to stand out from other men who usually wear black shoes.

4 / Always adapt to your target. So, if your target likes very chic outfits, dress that way as well. If your target is more focused on the hippie style, you know what you have to do!

5 / After the shoes, women watch your buttocks gentlemen so my last advice will be to highlight them. If you ever want to bring them out without going through the cosmetic surgery box, I advise you to put discreet shorts between your boxer and your pants.

6 / Bonus tip: I bounce on the previous sentence! Yes I used the term boxer and not slip or underpants. If you still have some in your wardrobe you can give them to your grandfather!

How to dress to attract a man? The 5 key tips!

Contrary to what many women may think, do not dress too sexy to seduce a man or to be noticed. On the contrary, you risk breaking the attraction. The bimbo look can please a man but if it's a serious story you're looking for do not be too provocative in your outfits and follow these 5 tips to know how to dress to please a man.

1 / Put your physical assets forward but without revealing too much. It is necessary to suggest more than to show when one opts for a sexy dress code ! So yes to the cleavage but make sure it does not go down to the navel! You must never be vulgar. The idea is not to know how to dress to excite a man but rather to choose an outfit to attract the eye.

2 / Unlike men you must not hesitate to wear bright colors. Coral, red or yellow, put a little color and especially adapt them to your accessories and your makeup or varnish. But beware it must always be done with class.

3 / Do not neglect the accessories or make-up: belt, jewels, and everything that makes the little more of an outfit. But not against everything must be well coordinated otherwise you will look like a Christmas tree and to seduce a man there is better!

4 / Do not be not too fashion victim. Fashion is good but often what you see at fashion shows is absolutely not portable on a daily basis. So, before going out, ask yourself if the outfit you are wearing is suitable for the place you are going to.

5 / Women often choose very uncomfortable clothes. Yet, we do very little to be beautiful for his man while being well in his shoes or in his outfits. And know that the more you feel good in your skin and therefore in your clothes and more your power of seduction will increase!

The different looks: choose appropriately your outfit to seduce!

We can meet a person who will please us at every street corner or moment. Therefore you must always be trimmed and have the right look. As single you should always take care of yourself and your way of dressing.

Good behavior can take different forms and you can mix them together. Also consider the time of day because you do not dress the same way to go to work and to go in the evening. Ideally, the seductive look you'll adopt will be the one that best suits you:

The classic look

It's just the basic look with a T-shirt or pullover if possible in V-neck and accompanied by jeans and a pair of basketball shoes or city shoes. This is probably the most widespread, not very original but effective.

For women we keep the jeans but for the top it is rather a top or a tank top that will put your shapes more in value than a simple T-shirt.

The chic to seduce

Who says chic look says shirt! After free you to push a little further and wear a suit with if you want a tie. It is the look to seduce ideal at work or at very important evenings and for return the image of a Male Alpha. This look allows you to show off in the best light indeed elegance is pushed to its climax when you are dressed this way! But if you are young, it is rather to avoid because it can be too strict.

The pendant for women is the tailor. If possible avoid the pants because it breaks a little femininity that you will return. With a slightly open blouse (no more than 3 buttons), men will not miss you.

If you choose to dress with this outfit to seduce, make sure that your shirt or blouse, or your suit or tailor is perfectly adapted to your body type. The more the cut will be worked and the more you can show off.

The sportwear: not the ideal look to seduce!

This look is not ideal to seduce in the street, it gives you an image "neglected" indeed, it is difficult to seduce when you wear a jogging and a football shirt. Unless you are still in college or high school! If you really want to wear the jersey of your favorite team, put at least one pair of jeans!

For women it's even more true. There is nothing worse to break your femininity than wearing this kind of clothing. After if you are very fashion hip-hop why not, but do not go to a first date with this accoutrement ...

There is, however, a situation in which you can dress with a sports outfit, it is if you flirt with muscu or in a gym!

The casual class

Simple but effective, it's the look 4 × 4 or rather the off-road look to be preferred to seduce because it adapts to all places. Jeans or classic trousers, if possible without a clip, with a polo shirt. This outfit is both classy and elegant without being too formal and relaxed. Ideal to seduce during an appointment without adding but being perfectly presentable.

For women, it would be rather jeans or black pants with a nice white tunic or a light color. It's a way to get dressed a little bit everywhere but that will really showcase you.

The fashion look

Rather reserved for the 18-25 age group, the fashion look usually consists of a tight t-shirt and faded jeans and / or holes. This look to seduce knows limits because it is difficult to wear for those over thirty.

Now you know what to look for to seduce. And if you still wonder how to dress to flirt, do not hesitate to consider a makeover with a professional. To do this, just contact Alexandre and his team at to know the rates and terms.

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