Do I have to call my ex by his nickname?

After having shared the life of a man or a woman for several years and even a few very intense months, memories are inevitably created. You have a common past and habits that remain. So even if the routine is not the best thing for a couple all relationships have their moment of flutter and you expect to win back your soul mate thanks to the advice I give on my site.

When we are in love (we) we tend to want to express it but without necessarily saying "I love you" in all sauces. One can also use small subterfuges, ways to make his / her ex-girlfriend understand that he / she always counts, and I'm talking about nicknames that you used and that gave a touching touch to your relationship. In all the vast majority of couples you do not call your spouse by his / her first name even if you do not tell him "my heart, my love or baby".

For years you have called it in a certain way, the most fashionable at the moment are darling and loulou because of the generation a guy a girl, but unfortunately the events of life have made you broke up, that you you are no longer in a relationship and you have questions in mind. Do I have to call my ex by his nickname? Should we totally cut the sentimental bridges? Is this a sign that you are still in love with calling it that way and your ex doing the same? For many it has become a reflex and they do not know if it's as negative as that or if it can help revive the flame. I propose you to discover it in this article!

I like to call my ex by his nickname is it serious?

What differentiated you from other couples was your way of communicating while your friends, your relatives gave you a nickname sometimes a little ridiculous, your ex-girlfriend (e) certainly had a much more cute and that's what you were cracking.

Be careful, this is not always a tender word like baby, princess or darling, but it can also be a play on words with your first names, a reference to an anecdote that only both can understand. It's become a reflex, a habit you're not even aware of what you're doing it's so natural and even in your phone it's the nickname of your ex that is displayed when you receive a call.

Separation disrupts everything, your daily life, your personal life and of course the habits you had. You make room apart, you move, you do not sleep together, yet there is one thing that persists at least on your side and maybe even his own. The fact that you continue to call you as if you were in a relationship.

It's the last symbol of the relationship who remains, who still belongs to you and whether it is unconsciously or not you cling to it and you do not want to change this habit. Sometimes, it's stronger than you, you do not realize because for years you have done so.

In your situation there are three possible hypotheses and therefore 3 ways of working totally opposite. First of all you may want to totally turn the page and not consider the reconquest. Of course you can also want to win back. Finally there are the "I do not know" for you who are in this case, you can take a step back to decide whether or not the start of the reconquest. If I make this reminder it is to make you understand that according to your decision it would be necessary to act differently.

If it's just a nickname and not a soft word, you can perfectly continue to call it that way. Your companion was called John the Baptist and you called him "J-B" it's not a big deal. However, when one is in the perspective of recover his exsometimes you have to be a bit more detached.

When one wonders if " call my ex by his nickname "is a good idea is good because we realize that this little sobriquet represents something especially if it is the words related to a mark of tenderness or a link of specific affection. must indeed never forgotten that during a reconquest love it is essential to know how to show a little distance, if only for create doubt in the spirit of his ex.

In the reconquest, you have to keep a distance ...

Understand the title of this part, I'm not telling you to abandon your reconquest, on the contrary, I would accompany you from A to Z until the completion of the latter.
Simply, I want to remind you that it is important not to ask. In very many cases, when you continue we continue to give a nickname to his ex it's when you tend to be too addicted and beg for your return.So if you say "My little chick I miss you", "Princess, I need you, come back I love you!" I can tell you that you are not going in the right direction. I am convinced that these messages are not unfamiliar to you, at least for most of you, and you must stop them as soon as possible.

For to return his ex it is necessary to know how to put distance and not only physical, it must also be emotional. You broke up, you do not spend your days together to put in place the first steps of the reconquest, you have to take a step back on all areas. The fact of no longer call his ex by his small name will allow you not to be in demand and especially make him understand that you will not run after him.

He / she will notice your change because if you radically change the way you call him he / she will notice it and that will not be trivial in his eyes. You need to focus on yourself and if you continue to call it " my baby or my heart ", or any other nickname full of tenderness" of one you will behave as if you were in a relationship while it is a new story that we are going to build but above all your ex will say to himself "He / she is still addicted, his feelings are still powerful. " By acting differently you will surprise him / her and that is what we are looking for!


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