Go on vacation with his ex, drama or solution to recover his half?

The Easter holidays but especially the summer and so the departures on vacation are fast approaching. After a year of hard work, you will finally be able to unwind far from the worries of everyday life. During my coaching a few weeks ago, I just discussed the subject of holidays with Aurélien, that I help in his reconquest, and unfortunately he finds himself in a situation a little tricky because he has 2 tickets not refundable direction a country that makes a lot of people dream, and me the first!

So you have to ask, why is the situation complicated? Simply because the second ticket is reserved in the name of ... his ex, who left him several weeks ago. The dream trip planned together for a long time now looks more like a nightmare or a poisoned gift than anything else.

However, there are many ways to look at things especially with my expert eye to recover his ex! In my opinion, it is necessary to really question and see if there are not some positive points if the goal is to win back. Is the situation totally irreversible? Should Aurélien abandon his trip or go on vacation with his ex? For many, ending up with 2 weeks with the person who decided to break is unthinkable. Nevertheless, you will discover that this situation is not so innocuous and that there are factors that will likely help you in your reconquest.

Go on vacation with his ex a good idea?

At first glance, go on vacation with his ex does not seem to be a bright idea. I would even say that it is clear that most people would not think of acting in this way as the resentment must be strong. Nevertheless, there are certain cases that "force" to make such a decision. In the case of Aurélien, if the latter gave up leaving, it was a financial loss dry several hundred euros for him and the obligation to spend holidays at home.

When you have had children with your ex you are bound to never again. Although a separation has taken place, spend time with your toddlers and so your ex is not necessarily rare when the two ex are single. If you want to give your children the image of a certain stability, build memories they will remember all their lives, discover the world together. Children, especially when they are young, can be affected by not seeing their parents together that's why go on vacation with his ex is not as rare a situation as you can imagine. In this case, traveling with his ex will not create tension.

In addition, it sometimes happens that the break intervenes between the reservation of the holidays and the departure. As I explained to you in the introduction of this article, one of my coachees is currently going through this situation! For financial reasons many couples have to go away together despite the separation. It is true that wasting hundreds or thousands of euros is not in the interest of either party. In this case you must learn to take on yourself and not let your feelings (rancor, sadness, ...) take over.

The reconquest of love favored by remoteness?

It's decided I get my ex during the holidays is a sentence that can often be heard and it can work more easily given the context. Nevertheless, even if it is not commonplace for everyone, go on vacation with his ex does not it seem to be the perfect time to try a reconquest and give a second chance to your couple? Why not take advantage of the situation to recreate an attraction?

Go on vacation with his ex has benefits that you may not know. Just being away from home is a good thing. Indeed, you and your ex are far from your usual daily life you discover a new place, you go to new people. Just seeing different things may be likely to change your behavior and that of your ex because it will upset your habits. Always staying in your daily life and close to where you live can help the appearance of the routine. The fact of being in an unknown place can very quickly change the situation especially if the place is heavenly.

Moreover, being on vacation and having the opportunity to decompress facilitates the establishment of a more constructive, calm and peaceful dialogue. Thus, you will be able to restore the communication if it was broken and in this way to take stock of your old relationship.

Suggest to your ex a ballad or a visit in the city nearby, on the beach, or a nautical activity to get you closer and so evoke the past serenely, just all the two.This situation can perfectly recreate an attraction, revive a complicity and even a desire in your ex if you know how to find the right words.

And you dear readers what is your opinion about going on vacation with your ex?

Your coach for that go on vacation with his ex do not be insurmountable

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