How to make a first date?

During the first date, do you have the habit of stressing and making everything go bad? You can not be yourself and it's a test more than a pleasure? The main reason is that you lose your means because you do not know how to act.

Your beloved, whom I also call your "target", must accept you as you are and it is therefore useless to play a role.

We will study together in this article all the ways to make your first date!

Make a tempting proposition for this first date

Contrary to what you will think, it is not your budget that will dazzle your target. You do not have to choose the smartest and most expensive restaurant to prove it to him.

Your role in making a good impression is mainly about the personal investment you make in organizing your event. first date of love. Be relaxed to take full advantage of it and not be negatively affected by this event.

So think of choosing an original idea rather than expensive and finally to take full advantage!

Your goal is to have a good time and be positive (energy transfer)

If you arrive at your first date of love by stressing, you can be sure that your target will feel it and that the moment will be less pleasant than expected.

Your one and only goal must be to have a good time. Drop the cravings for first kiss or to seduce him absolutely. You do not need these thoughts to get there, quite the opposite.

By spending a good time on your target, you seduce her naturally, without artifice and putting her at ease. Can you expect better?
Similarly, by being positive, you will necessarily communicate to him your joy of living, which corresponds to a positive energy transfer Very important !

Do not try to be perfect and go too far for the first dating

Do not bother looking for perfection, it does not exist! You will always find things not to say or on the contrary to do. On the other hand, it is necessary to see what first date of love like an electrocardiogram.

Let me explain. You will go through phases of seduction more or less intense and do not hesitate to put an end to the appointment when the attraction is at the highest. This is how you will stay in the mind of your target and in his thoughts.

At the end of your appointment, do not forget to introduce "reciprocity" so that your target gets involved in your romantic encounter. You can invite him to organize the next appointment and thus reverse the roles.

It is also important to leave room for each other in seduction so that he / she can enter your world and leave you a place in his!

And you, how do you manage your first appointments? All your tips are welcome in the comments.

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