Testimonial: My husband and I have found our complicity of yesteryear

This week, I received this testimony from a woman in our midst:

"Hello Aisha,

Really thank you for your prayers. I knew youon Youtube.God gave me the grace to come across one of your videos that I sincerely believe are guided by the Holy Spirit, the theme was the restoration of marriage.

My husband and I were about to get divorced. After praying for barely a week, my husband and I were reconciled, after 2 years of dialogue almost non-existent. We were like strangers in the house. Today, we have recovered our complicity of yesteryear. Glory to God.

I want to say that I knew my husband at 23 years old. Today, I have 43. We have 4 wonderful children. During these 2 years of non-existent dialogues, we had only one sexual relation which turned out to be a failure. As I told you earlier, I have 4 children so it should have been like a letter in the mail. But impossible, it was blocked as if I were a girl who has never known a man. Shortly before this bad experience, I had a dream in which my husband and I slept and a man burst into our room and hit my husband who had fainted and forced me. During the reconciliation I remembered this dream, so I took authority by doing the prayer of restoration and a prayer on sexuality for fear that this bad experience will happen again and everything went well. I think today it was mystical but God was more powerful than the demons. God bless you my sister in Christ. Cordially."

Alleluia!!! Our God is above all! Whatever your situation, never despair. On the contrary, take refuge in Him who is able to act infinitely beyond what you can imagine or think, JESUS ​​CHRIST! Amen?

It is encouraging to see what God is doing and how the Lord is able to act. Thank you Lord!

I take this opportunity to encourage you to testify too! If you are blessed by this platform and the articles that are shared bless you, if you have experienced changes in yourself and in your marriage, take the time to tell your storyeven if it seems "insignificant" - I put it in quotation marks because in reality, nothing that God does is insignificant. It all depends on how one sees and appreciates what God does.

Why do I insist on testifying?

For several reasons. I will quote two.

The testimony celebrates and glorifies God.

The testimony makes it possible to put the work of God in our lives in evidence. And I can assure you, beloved, that each time you celebrate God, you increase your ability to experience MORE of Him.

If you do not know how to value someone, you will not get anything from that person. Click to tweet

This is true in our interpersonal relationships and this is true in our relationship with God. To bear witness to what God does is to honor Him and value Him doing, and when we do that we position ourselves to receive more from Him.

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The testimony encourages others and builds faith in them

Often, when you experience certain problems, you have the impression of being alone (e) to have this problem, and you tend to hide it - including hiding things even when God acts. Beloved, you would be surprised at the number of people who live exactly the same as you, and who are currently connected to this platform in search of testimonies, words of encouragement that show them that God is still acting today and can solve their problem! Amen?

So if God has acted particularly in your life through this platform - you have found your peace, your joy of life, you have found comfort, you are much more aware of your value, you have better relations with your spouse and with others, your husband / wife has come back, God has acted in your professional life, etc. - stop today and take the time to share a testimony and encourage others. Amen?

Thank you to all who share theirs !!! May the grace of God be multiplied in your life!

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