The key steps to follow to catch up with your ex after a break

The breakup is a difficult time to go through especially when you do not have the psychological weapons to get out. The thought of your ex plunges you into a sadness and nostalgia in which your happiness can not have its place. This situation must not continue and you must take the initiative to put an end to it. If you do not imagine your happiness without your ex, the reconquest is the solution to overcome this difficult moment.

Nevertheless catch up with his ex in good conditions require to know the basic technique of the reconquest. There are things you can not do if you do not want to hurt your seduction game. Discover in this article, the steps to follow to seduce his ex and finally turn the page of the break.

Understand the break in order to better overcome it

The first step for catch up with his ex is to understand the break. In other words, find out why your ex has left you. Too many people decide to to embark on the reconquest without taking the time to think about what they need to improve in them to catch up with their half. Knowing the reasons for the separation is the basis of the reconquest, it is the step that will guide you to the different actions you must undertake. Your "recovery plan" will be more precise, more targeted and therefore much more effective.

Moreover beyond the will of catch up with your ex, to know the reasons of the rupture allows you not to be in the blur. A significant number of people I coach are in the most complete misunderstanding about their breakup and this only increases their sadness. Know the reasons for separation is therefore essential for not only not to make the same mistakes as in the past, but also to understand the reproaches of his ex and make every effort to make them disappear.

I still want to make a clarification. Understand the break for catch up with his ex does not mean to shoulder responsibilities. You must always be objective, and if your former or former partner has some responsibility you must realize it and do not veer your face. He / she is not perfect!

The first technique to bring back his ex

Precipitation is the mistake I note the most when it comes to reconquest. You can not stand celibacy anymore, so you decide not to waste time and go too fast. By doing this you reduce your chances of finding your ex. That's why the Radio silence is an effective technique. The "SR" avoids any kind of harassment, any type of precipitation because you are no longer in contact with your ex. Catching up his ex calling him all day long is by no means the right way for him to come back to you.

With Silence Radio to recover you will at first give your old half the distance he / she wants at the beginning of the separation. But rather you will differentiate yourself from the rest of the people who undergo a separation by not returning to him / her as he / she expects it. Even if this is not true, you make your ex believe that separation does not affect you. The "SR" is a technique that allows you to play with the feelings of your ex to better recreate an attraction.

Write to catch up with his ex

Then, it will be necessary to consider a more "direct" stage for catch up with his ex after having understood the reasons for the break, started the work on oneself and put in place an effective Silence Radio which will push your ex to wonder, you can resume contact but indirectly. A handwritten letter is an excellent solution to achieve this. If your former / former partner blames you for not contacting him all the time just tell him that you were busy writing this letter and that you did not want to go too fast because you needed time.

Seduce his ex and make up for his mistakes can sometimes be complicated, some people have trouble talking on the phone or face to face with their ex, the handwritten letter is the way to make a real point on your couple, your feelings without being under the pressure of your ex. In my audio seminar that you can find by clicking on the product tab, I give more than an hour of advice to write a hard-hitting letter as well as 3 examples of letters to send to your ex.

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