I do not want to hear about my ex!

I am aware that most men and women who are on my site want to know the most effective techniques to recover his ex. There are also hundreds of articles on this subject that help you step by step even if your ex no longer wants to talk to you and I even realized dozens of free conferences that are organized every month (to reserve your place for the next free online conference and receive a free gift, sign up for my newsletter without losing a moment).

However, I realize that the break can sometimes leave traces and cause a feeling of rejection totally contrary to the reconquest. We want to forget who we have been around for all these years. We no longer want to suffer from the breakup and think about him / her all the time. So we decide to turn the page once and for all.

But it is not always simple to draw a line on years of life together, on his feelings. One can be torn between love and resentment towards one's former partner. There may also be a more "technical" problem. Your ex does not want to leave you alone and even if it is sometimes he / she who decided to separate, he / she is always present and prevents you from moving forward. Your ex sometimes continues to want to spend time with you and this hinders you in your reconstruction because this phenomenon generates doubts. As a result, this double game becomes more and more unbearable.

How do I do when I do not want to hear from my ex? How to move on without suffering too much? Forgetting his ex is it really possible? Discover the answers to your questions in this article that will help you move forward and stop once and for all from rehashing the past.

Why do not I want to hear about my ex?

One might wonder what is changing between you and most men and women who want to regain the arms of their ex. These are not feelings because I know that most of you always feel something for your ex partner and make that decision reluctantly. This is often a problem related to the past, the fact that this man or woman was playing with you. Whether it's mental or physical abuse, you decide to say stop and not follow through on this story that did not bring you anything beneficial. So you say to yourself I want to forget my ex.

Drawing a line on his ex is not a simple decision to take because we know that we will suffer, but with a step back, reflecting the situation, we note that it is the best solution. There are not just such serious reasons, sometimes you force yourself to forget it and not follow through on it because you consider that the relationship can not last even if your man / woman did not do anything about it. wrong. But in your eyes, it is we are together or we are separated and each one makes his life on his side.

I am thinking in particular of people who for professional or educational reasons live far from each other and do not manage to reconcile distance and love. To no longer suffer, to give yourself a chance to find someone close to you so we decide not to follow this story and to be sure to fall back, we decided to cut any contact.

How can I forget my ex faster

It is not easy to want to forget a man or a woman that we loved and for whom feelings can always be present. That's why radical decisions must be made if you do not want to have regrets every day and take a step forward and two steps back. With strong actions you will be able to advance. Of course, it will take time, it is not in a few days that you will definitively be able to turn the page.

The first thing to do, when you want to have no contact with your ex in a clear and definitive way is to remove the tools that would grow to crack. Social networks and the phone are real traps and you have to cut everything! Although it may seem difficult and selfish, it is the solution to apply. When one says to oneself "I do not want to hear any more about my ex" it means that his life does not interest us any more, the fact of acting in this way proves it well.

It is necessary that your actions are in line with your words or your thoughts, otherwise you will not be able to move forward and feel change. In addition to all that is virtual, it is important to separate from physical objects. The photos, the business, you have to render it so as not to wake up emotions and start to think and therefore to suffer, as I explain in this video to watch carefully and to love by clicking on the little thumbs up 😉

Is it a good idea to draw a line on his ex

In love it is important not to rush and not make decisions that are too hasty, that are not carefully considered.If I explain it to you it is essentially so that you do not have to have regrets and to return on this site not to forget it but to recover it. And you must know that this is very often the case and it complicates things, men and women who have made a decision too quickly and who now have trouble assuming it change their tune. It's difficult because it will cause even more emotional dependence and the risk is to make blatant mistakes because will be guided by his emotions.

Whether to win back his ex or to forget it, you have to take the time to think and never let your emotions or feelings take over. If you want to forget it and take a break from your story after a simple dispute for example, it's not something I recommend. You may want to come back to him / her at the very moment you are going to learn that he / she is dating a new person.

With a few days of reflection, you will be able to go forward and make the best decision possible, that is to say the one that will be most relevant and that you will assume later. If you choose not to hear from your ex then I will accompany you to help you rebuild and go back!


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