How to deal with a destructive man?

Infidelity, violence, lies, since you are with this man your daily life is like a nightmare. It's simple, spent the first days that were absolutely idyllic, you can no longer trust yourself and especially your partner, but you like it and you would like the situation to get better because everything is not black no more. Monday is bad but Tuesday is adorable with you. So this permanent yoyo affects you and it's your morale that takes a hit after each fight. This situation is no longer bearable for you and your dream is to ease tensions and relive accomplices.

Despite all the negative that surrounds your story, you still have strong feelings, if you have not broken yet, if you still want him to come back to you, if you always take the first step is that you are guided by love and hope. Nevertheless you come to doubt yourself and you still wonder if it is a good idea to constantly forgive her deviations. Is not it better to get out of his clutches and turn the page once and for all? How can one improve one's daily life when one decides to stay with an egocentric and narcissistic man?

Living with a destructive man and being carried away by the relationship is no longer acceptable, you have to face. For this you need to be accompanied so as to find a little sentimental tranquility and no longer let yourself be destroyed by the behavior or the hurtful words of the one who shares your life. It is now that we must act to put an end to this situation as quickly as possible.

What is a destructive man?

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There may be several definitions depending on what you live. Men of this type are not always aware of the consequences of their behavior on their wives. For some of you it is his repeated infidelities that destroy you, he often comes out, he talks to women on social networks, he even registered on dating sites and navigate quietly while you are in the living room. For others, it is a violent, insulting man who constantly belittles you. There is also the sickly jealousy who watches your every move and prevents you from blossoming.

Even if these men do not all fall into the same category, they are all a brake on your happiness and your joy of living. This is the definition of a destructive man ! He is a guy who does not respect you and who, despite the fact that you are in a relationship with him, does not make you happy and worse, hurts you. It is important to understand this in order not to make amalgam, it is not because you argue with your man and he has hard words to you that the latter is necessarily someone bad.

The harmful men are not representative of all men, you must understand and accept it. I had to call him back because of a few narcissistic perverse manipulators some men can not find love because women do not leave their chance for fear of suffering again.

It hurts me but I love it, how to get out?

When a woman goes through this kind of Calvary in love unfortunately there is a problem of affective dependance who accompanies him. In spite of all that he does, you constantly come back to him, you forgive him everything and love is not the only justification. The fear of celibacy and / or your emotional needs are elements that should be taken into consideration if you want to understand where the addiction can come from.

To have a fulfilling life of a couple, but also and above all, to learn to stand up to it and put limits you must get out of this dependence and no longer let you control. I know, easier said than done especially if you are under the influence of a violent man. In order to have the necessary space and to take the time to rebuild you, you must appeal to the competent authorities in order to protect you and stop feeling guilty. For too long you have neglected yourself, you have found an excuse to blame yourself, now it's over, he must be aware of his actions. By putting him in front of his responsibilities you will make him aware that you can react, you will not fight but make him understand that he can not continue to treat you like this with impunity.

All those who will read this article are not in this case and do not need to go to the authorities to report a problem. You have to be more inaccessible and not just let him come back without doing anything. You too must have a social life, go out and not always wait for it.Many of you do not do this and stay at home hoping that things change but it is important to take initiatives and fight this fear with radical actions. In order to help you put in place an effective strategy, I reserve slots for you daily to analyze your story and give you my point of view on the situation and find the solutions. To benefit from it you can click here.

Should we break up or leave him one last chance?

In the many comments you leave you often face a dilemma, you do not know exactly what decision to make. The reason would be that you leave him but love drives you to stay and give him another chance. In order to know what is best for you you must first not rush when making your decision. It does not matter whether it's the separation you choose or not, you do not have to go too fast and go head-on. You probably wonder why, simply to avoid regrets.

This is the time to ask the right questions, to list the "pros" and "counters" so you have your ideas black and white to think about it. It is a personal decision that you must take without being influenced by your loved ones or any outside element. If you choose the love reconciliation, it will still have to make big changes and for that the reading of my ebook " 35 rules to save his couple "proves to be indispensable and will allow you to find yourself two and no longer live with a destructive man.

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