Ignorance destroys too many families!

If you do not understand your identity as a son / daughter of the kingdom, then you will live your entire life below the level that God has planned for you. But if you realize who you really are in Christ, your position and your rights then you will walk in freedom, authority and victory in a general way in life and also in your home.

I am convinced that a lot of failures in our lives, in our families, many divorces are related to our IGNORANCE of our true identity, our position and what God has given us in Christ. Many men and women today are struggling with this notion of identity. And because they do not know their identity, they feel a form of insecurity and have trouble assuming their singularity and respect, honor, value the differences of the other. It is because of this that we constantly need to be like others, to blend in with the masses. It is also the basis of a lot of envy, jealousy, conflicts, divisions ...

Many men and women struggle daily with envy, jealousy and competitive spirit, inferiority or superiority complexes. This creates divisions among other things in the houses between husbands and wives, between brothers and sisters. And this happens even in the Christian milieu, for a simple reason: it is because of the IGNORANCE of our value, our singularity, our identity and our position in Christ. We know that we are in Christ but we have no idea what that means.

Many of our teens (and adults too eventually) are confused about their identities and this identity crisis is pushing them to do all kinds of things to "prove they are" or "prove they are not" something ... They are affected by what others think of them because they are unsure of themselves. Some feel that they are "someone" when they put on a branded garment or shoe that is when they "wear the name" of someone else: Nike, Versace, Gucci ... But in reality, the fact that they need to put their mark on "being someone" is the very sign of their ignorance of their identity and true worth. Many of our teens take risks (alcohol, drug abuse ...) for one simple reason: they do not have the answer to this crucial question: Who am I ?

Who am I ? Why am I on earth?

The world will try to tell you who you are. The world will try to tell your children who they are or to communicate to them an identity that is not theirs. But it is our responsibility to tell our children what God says they are!

Beloved as long as the enemy keeps you ignorant, then you are helpless, helpless against Him! Do you know your identity and your position in Christ? As long as you remain in ignorance, the enemy will hurt you, mistreat your children, steal things in your life, in your family, destroy your family without you being able to do anything to stop it!

That's why I share this compilation of Lyrics on: My identity, My position and what I own in Christ.

Personally, I meditate on this and confess these words very regularly. Indeed, we have what we confess. If death comes out of our mouths, we will receive death. And if we talk about life, we will see it manifest in us, through us, at home.

SIf you really want your life to change, then change your vocabulary and decide to see yourself as God sees you and tell you what God says about you.

With my children in Christ, I have put in place a system of work: we reflect on at least one of these truths very regularly. We proclaim it by personalizing it, we pray about it. That makes us very good!

I encourage you to do the same.

Be blessed!

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