The solution to difficulties in marriage is not escape!

My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge. (Hosea 4: 6)

Death comes, destruction comes in the lives of God's children, because they lack knowledge. Destruction operates in your marriage today, or in another area of ​​your life because of your ignorance.

Bishop D. Johnson often says: if Satan can keep you ignorant, then he knows he keeps you helpless, helpless, helpless.

Ignorance keeps in failure. And the majority of the problems we have in our lives that persist over time are due to our ignorance.

Many, faced with problems in their marriage run away. And this escape can be manifested in different ways: to go elsewhere, to leave one's home or to ask for a divorce, to take refuge in alcohol, drugs or games, to eat excessively, to spend time in bars, invest body and soul in his career ... But the solution to the difficulties in marriage is not the escape! The solution is to acquire knowledge. LEARN TO ASK GOOD QUESTIONS !!!

If your marriage does not work the way you want, look for the teachings and knowledge that will help you make it work better; do not choose the leak as a solution! Fleeing the problems is the attitude of those whom I call "eternal losers". It is the attitude of those whom failure and destruction pursue. Why ? Because choosing to flee a difficult situation, it is in fact, to make the indirect choice to abandon the idea of ​​looking for the solution, the keys that can unlock the situation. By doing this, we remain ignorant and reproduce the same mistakes indefinitely! LEARN TO SEEK GOD IN THE MIDST OF OUR DIFFICULTIES!

These are the difficulties, the obstacles that lead to asking the right questions; questions that in turn help to find the keys to solving problems.

The problem remains a problem until we have the key to solve it. But as soon as we have the revelation of the key that opens the door of deliverance, the door of the exit; as soon as we know it, it's over! This problem can never limit us, confine us!

The difficulties in marriage are intended to form in us the character of Christ and to urge us to seek and acquire the keys to live a life of victory and to reign now, here below, with Christ!

Those who seek God before the obstacles they encounter do not only receive blessings, but they find secrets. They discover the ways of doing things that bring blessing.

Those who seek God get answers tohow, to Why and to when of life. They discover the wisdom of God. And as Pastor Yvan Castanou said, "they do not just receive a miracle, they now know how to reproduce the same type of miracle.They find the keys to not relive the situations of yesterday, and to be able to operate now permanently open. "

Those who seek God find secrets, obtain answers, discover keys that liberate them and turn them into liberators for others.

Lord deliver us from ignorance!


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