Husband, love your wife ...

Last Saturday's article Whoever loves his wife loves himself was a real cry of the heart. I'm tired of seeing devastated marriages. My heart hurts every time I see men scorn or neglect their wives, or abuse their wives.

I feel bad for those women who suffer, often in silence.

I also feel sick because I know that by doing so, these men are self-destructing, hurting themselves. The problem is it does not affect them. Their choices unfortunately have an impact on their children, their community and society more generally. Many are careless and say that they have life in front of them and that they will have time to catch up ... But there are things that we never catch up, and that eventually catch up with us... This is where the heart fills with regret and bitterness ... But it's too late ...

A man who does not love his wife shows that he has no love for himself. Click to tweet

I truly pray for every man who reads me, that the grace of God will sustain and strengthen you, so that you may love this woman whom God has given you (or will give you), in a way that honors and glorifies the Lord .

Yesterday I listened to a video of Annabelle Sourdril's program Paroles de Femmes, with Pastor Luck Ondias and his wife as guests. Pastor Luck gives a masculine perspective that complements the article last Saturday and I encourage you to listen. It's edifying!

Stay abundantly blessed!

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