Where does the absolute need to be in a relationship come from?

It sometimes appears an absolute desire to be together as a couple to share the happiness that we live in everyday life. It is true that to be single often propels us in the evening in anguish not to find THE GOOD PERSON and to have to finish our days alone.

That's how we feel the urge, or rather the need, to be two and to overcome the misfortunes of celibacy. We can explain it for several reasons that I describe below. Feel free to comment on this article to share your need and what you feel inside of you.

Recognition of each other through the couple

The human being according to Maslow's pyramid has a need for recognition and esteem of peers to feel satisfied It is obvious that love is the bedrock of this need and that being in a relationship allows us to cultivate reciprocal recognition.

Besides, one of the causes of rupture occurs when this recognition no longer exists. That's why we're so attracted to love and we feel like we're stronger together than alone.

Stability through love

In a complementary sense, a Serene love life brings great stability for a human being. That is why the life of a couple gives us the feeling of having benchmarks and to feel supported in front of everyday difficulties.

We all seek stability to change our personal lives and feel good every day.

The dream is to build a family

Since our youngest age, we are influenced by many cultural bodies. I think of television with cartoons and then Hollywood movies, books and magazines that present us all of social happiness and celebrities. Our dream is based on the same need, to found a family.

To get there, it is necessary to be in a couple and if possible fulfilling. We feel the need to be two as soon as we meet a smiling child, we watch a couple embrace each other while eating a pancake ...
Everything is done so that we want to live together!

Conform to the social will

In a sense, this need to meet two is in line with the social will. Everyone wants us to marry, as a couple, happy, with children and a project of concrete life.

However, after 5 years of experience in seduction coaching, and in a logic to help you find loveI am the first to warn you. It is normal to want to succeed in your love life but before making an obsession, you have to to be interested in seduction and especially at the first stage, that to install a large COMPLICITY with your future conquest or your partner.

Be careful not to go too fast !

Your coach for a couple

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