See your spouse as God sees him

Do you want your spouse, child or other loved one to be transformed or delivered? See your spouse as God sees him. Stop seeing him as lazy, angry, grumpy ... But see how God sees him.

One day while I was speaking for a loved one by presenting the points that I wanted to see God improve in his life, the Lord told me: "Josiane stops seeing it and describing it that way, because in reality it's not all you think. Such ase I created it, it's a good person and everything else you can observe is from the tares of Satan". It was a shock for me.

So I want to tell you today about your daughter who leads a life of debauchery, your son who is in the drugs, your husband who manifests violence, that you would be surprised to see who they are actually in the initial state that is, God created them without the additions of Satan. All these terrible things that you observe are often seeds of the devil, and to consider and qualify this close one of "bad person" is a way of confirming and sealing the work of the devil in his life ".

From today, see it, describe it as God sees it. Declare that your son is extraordinary, your excellent daughter and your beautiful husband! See them and describe them as they are. Proclaim all kinds of positive things inspired by what God says they are and forget all the other things that can not come from God.

This faith that you will manifest is a silent prayer whose power will surprise you. Stop talking about this person and see her, consider her as God sees her. Take Satan off guard and that's what you see that will eventually triumph.

It's a secret that I give you.

Be blessed


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