What happens to other women today ...

My ticket today is not an article like the others. It's just a shambles. It's a shame to see so many marriages destroyed, lives shattered, children hurt because of the adultery of one of their parents. This is the theme on which I receive the most private e-mails.

What often shocks me is the unconsciousness of young women who go out with married men, fathers of families.

I exchanged, a long time ago, with a young woman who contacted me for the restoration of her marriage. She told me that before marriage, she only went out with married men. Singles did not interest him. And there her husband was fooling her with another young woman. His marriage was floundering. She told me - with a lot of sadness - "today I am doing what I have done to other women ..."

Make no mistake: we do not make fun of God. What a man has sown, he will also reap. (Galatians 6: 7)

I found this text on Facebook - Author Unknown - which expresses in a few words what I would like to say to these young women who go out with married men:

"Dear girls, women,

You are dating a married man with children.

You are the reason why his wife sleeps late at night, waiting for her husband back.

You are the reason why his wife is crying every night.

You are the reason why he does not take care of his family.

You are the reason why he does not eat at home.

You are the reason he has not touched his wife for months.

YET days and nights, you kneel down and pray to God to give you a faithful husband while you make another husband, an infidel.

You pray for a caring and loving man, when you have managed to divert the love and care of another woman's husband.

You pray for a good home when you destroy another woman's house.

Ask yourself this question: "With this kind of attitude from me, will God grant me my request? WILL I BE HAPPY WHEN I MARRY ME?"

Dear young girls, wake up, be wise, and say no to these fathers, so that they return to their wives. Do not be fooled by money and material things, all is vanity. "

I conclude by saying that if you read me this morning and are in this situation, take the nearest exit. Get out of this toxic relationship before it brings destruction into your lives. Amen?

God give you grace and your help to make the right decisions.

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