Tips for taking control during the seduction phase

Natural Seduction is the process of my coaching philosophy. By following these 3 tips, you will increase your chances during the seduction phase and therefore find Love quickly.

Are you looking today to take or regain control in seduction to seduce the woman or the man who attracts you? How to become obvious in the eyes of your "target"? How not to be allowed to walk on your feet when feelings arise?

With this article, you can take control of your seduction and avoid suffering. We will dissect together the process allowing you to flourish in love.

Never place a person on a pedestal!

In seduction, the main problem is to define the right goal. Rather than placing the other on a pedestal and telling you that he or she is too perfect for you, enjoy the moment. Concentrate on what you do well and stay natural without fear of being judged to put your personality forward during the seduction phase.

Indeed, when you meet a woman or a man who attracts you immediately, you consider the situation as an important issue and therefore you place too much value on this person.

To take control at this moment, you must always be equals. The seduction game takes place at two and from the moment you are the only person trying to please each other, you increase the risk of failure.

Do not be invasive during the seduction phase!

By putting yourself back as an equal, you enter a form of positive seduction where each appointment will be made to get to know each other, to show his true face and thus analyze the possibilities of a life of a couple.

At the opposite of this situation, if you have the habit of being invasive (e) by revealing your feelings too quickly. You have to keep pace with your target because your feelings may not be reciprocal if you go too fast.

By doing so you lose control of the situation and give in to your attraction and your emotions. Of course I recommend you do not let go and always take your time at the time of the seduction phase.

I'm counting on you to build a seduction based on discovery and sharing! Especially if you get to know a dating site as attractive world.

You must create uncertainty throughout the seduction phase!

Last point which seems to me crucial in the objective of seduce the woman or the man who attracts you, you must absolutely place him / her in uncertainty all along the seduction phase.

It is by living appointments of seduction that are strong, unique and unique that you can bring him new emotions. It's also a good way to make him / her get involved in your meeting.

You will reverse the roles and your target will ask "Will I be able to seduce him in my turn?". From that moment, you increase your chances of attracting him in your nets and make him want to invest in your seduction.

It often happens that when you are attracted by a person, you feel the urge to go 100% without giving them the opportunity to take initiatives. It is a mistake to no longer commit.

You have all the elements to achieve a excellent phase of seduction. Feel free to share all your good tips in the comments, how do you maintain control of a situation when you are attracted by the person?

Your coach in seduction

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