Think about your ex and win his reconquest, is it compatible ?!

Live months, years or even very intense weeks with one person and automatically your mind will be focused on it almost night and day. The feelings develop, the memories are created, it is a beautiful love story that you live. But sometimes the relationship does not evolve as one would like and unfortunately a break occurs. Separations are very often unexpected and that makes them so complicated to manage.

Men and women, however, manage to overcome this sorrow of love post divorce and very quickly turn the page. But it's not your case, it seems. You do not want this love story to end on this false note. The reconquest is the solution you have chosen. We must not have regrets but on the contrary, try everything to make things better, so that you show this person that you like that you can go forward.

However, there is a blockage that is created, reconquest does not advance because the mere fact of thinking of his ex causes a great sadness and leads to making some mistakes. It will therefore be necessary to avoid them and turn these thoughts into a source of motivation for the actions to be undertaken to recover them after the break. To know how to proceed, here is the procedure to follow.

You think of the couple more than your ex!

When we believe think of his ex, and I realize it through the coachings that I realize everyday, we think in reality of the life of couple beside which we passed and not necessarily to the ex in him / herself. It is not his physique that you miss but what he / she brought you, and what you could consider through this life together. Attention, I do not pretend that you have no feelings and that you are not sincere in your desire to win it back, simply, you must be careful not to put it on a pedestal considering that your ex is essential to your daily life.

After a breakup, emotional dependence is very often present and sometimes even without being aware of it because it is insidious. You want to regain your habits, you can not stand celibacy and you think he is the only person who can make you happy. No wonder, then, that all your thoughts are directed to your ex. You envision your future with him / her and no one else.

This reveals a need to be in a relationship at any price ! However, it is not with this state of mind that you will succeed in bringing it back into your life. It is important to understand that it is not your ex who haunts your mind but the will, the need to live a love story. From the moment you will understand this you will stop a lot of your mistakes and especially you will stop the prohibitions of the reconquest as pleading or harassing.
Rest assured, even after this kind of harmful actions for a reconquest it is possible to return a (e) ex. To know how to proceed, it's happening here !

Thinking about your ex is not enough to get it back

Just like feelings, the simple to think of him / her is not going to be enough to carry out the reconquest. You tend to lock yourself in your dreams and hope that the ex you like come back without you having to move a finger. For pride, pride or ignorance of techniques to recover his exyou leave time to do the work for you or you say that there is no hope.

If you think of your ex it is not trivial! Of course it is not easy to forget a person with whom you have had intimate moments, with whom you share memories, the mere mention of his name or a place that you attended brings back memories. But in the case that interests us today you want more!

It is a sign that your feelings have not died out and that you must be ready to put in place initiatives to have no regrets but especially not to remain inactive. This is one of the shortcomings of many men and women who think that for win back an ex you just have to be patient and do nothing to change things. Every day that passes you want him / it to come back and for that it will therefore have to act!

Actions to put in place to forget about him / her

As I explained at the beginning of this article, the fact of think too much about his ex can sometimes be a brake on his actions. A simple example that unfortunately comes up very often in the comments, refuse to set up a radio silence for fear of offending his ex or he / she moves away. It must be understood that such an action is carried out for your couple and not against your ex companion / companion.

One of the key steps in the reconquest is to succeed in rebuilding after separation. The latter leaves traces and it is therefore normal to have some difficulties to climb the slope after having suffered and not to achieve take out his ex from his head.

It is for this reason that you should not create a situation in which you are responsible for this problem. If you spend your days on your ex's Facebook page, if you look at all your photos together, if you continue to have his stuff at home and put on his favorite sweater or sleep with his t-shirt, sorry to say but I have to be honest with you, so you have some responsibility for the sadness you feel. You have to act drastically if you want things to change. Delete your Facebook if you spend all your time spy on your ex and hurt yourselfgive him his things instead of looking at them and remembering your old life as a couple.

Acting in this way does not mean turning the page but better prepare you for the reconquest by building self-confidence and not being constantly in demand, simply.

Your coach when his ex is omnipresent in his thoughts

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