Video workshop exclusive reconquest: Wednesday, June 29, 2016!

This is the perfect time to pick up the one you love and not spend your summer alone. For that I invite you to attend a new event that I organize in parallel to my conference on July 9 which will take place in Paris and to which you can participate by registering here. Following my email I received dozens of messages from people disappointed at not being able to attend. I realize that many of you are not in the capital or will be on vacation on this date so I still managed to find a date in my calendar to organize a video workshop reconquest directly accessible from the internet.

Of course nothing will be as complete as my live intervention of more than 3 hours scheduled July 9, but I still wanted to help as many people as possible and this means a new live webinar from home to recover his ex and rebuild himself after the breakup.

You will discover the 10 steps to recover his ex this Wednesday, June 29 at 21h! Indeed, for nearly an hour and a half I will guide you and analyze with you the latest techniques to use to get back into relationship with his ex quickly and say goodbye to forced celibacy. It is important not to improvise and not try techniques that you do not master, that friends have advised you because it would be the worst thing in your situation. To book your free seat just click on the link just below.

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How to access this reconquest video workshop?

After your registration and a few moments before the conference you will receive a special link directly in your mailbox so as to access all my advice live.

The first part of my intervention will be broken down into 10 tips that I will detail and help you use to improve things in your relationship with your ex and especially do not go wrong on different to determine.

The radio silence, the handwritten letter, the phase of reseduction, the appointment with his ex you ask yourself a lot of questions about these methods or the way to act and it is normal, you did not expect to have to use them someday, so you probably do not know at all what to do in this situation because the reconquest can be overwhelming for many reasons. When you start a relationship, it is not for a day to break up quite the contrary. It is to know moments, to have projects, to be happy.

The first part will be rather theoretical I advise you to take notes and prepare your questions on the advice given for the second part because precisely I will be in direct contact with you!

You will be able to ask me all your questions. I know that some situations are quite special, I also know that you do not really know how to act and that's why I accompany you from A to Z. This conference will be the time to interact with me and get specific advice.

Now it is important to not waste time because summer is also a good time for meetings for both you and your ex. In order to no longer make mistakes you have to trust a real expertise, mine. I am able to help you with techniques that are really effective but you need to know and master!

For this, I give you an appointment this Wednesday, June 29 at 21h to learn more! Book your place here as soon as possible !

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