Forget offenses, turn the Page!

Brothers, I do not think I have seized it; but I do one thing: forgetting what is behind and carrying myself to what is ahead I run towards the goal, to win the price of the heavenly calling of God in Jesus Christ. (Philippiens 3: 13-14)

What Paul says to the Philippians is really powerful and reveals, at the level of interactions with others, what we must learn to do to avoid poisoning our relationships: FORGET.

The emotional wounds in the couple, the offenses, it does not miss. But to be able to win the battles of today and tomorrow in your home, you have to look away from what happened yesterday. You can not change your past, so do not live in him.

Forget the offenses!

You can not change the bad words your spouse told you yesterday, last week, or even five years ago. You can not change the acts he or she did yesterday. But you do not have to let these words, these acts, these offenses dictate your behavior, your attitude, your choices today and tomorrow. Let go of the past!

Personally, it took the Lord to draw my attention to it a few years ago for me to realize that meditating on the bad things that had been said to me, that had been done to me in the past it rotted away my relations, rotted my days, and prevented me from preparing my future. The Lord said to me, for example: "Do not meditate on the harm done to you. Meditate on the good and every day, confess: this is the day the Lord has made! It will be for me a subject of joy and joy."(Psalm 118: 24) My life and relationships have been transformed since that time!

Do not keep a long list of yesterday's offenses that you get out of every conflict. It rots relationships! Forget what is back! Turn resolutely forward! It will do you good first and then improve your relationship! Amen?


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