Prayer for the Men of My Generation

Many men today are struggling with a genuine identity crisis and our Western societies are becoming more and more societies of absent husbands and fathers. Many men do not know their identity and their role as a father. Many men do not realize their importance and influence in the lives of their children. One of the consequences of this is that many young men are lacking a model of authorship that they can truly emulate. This subject touches me enormously and I realize the damage that it causes in the life of our children, in our societies and that is the reason why this prayer rises from my heart for the men, the fathers of our generation.

Prayer for the men of my generation

Lord, I come before you with the men of my generation.

I beg you, give them knowledge, understanding and wisdom so that they are able to obtain, maintain and support their place in the lives of their wives and children. Reveal to them their true identity, the purpose for which you raised them on earth, the authority they have and the importance of their presence in the lives of their children and their wives.

Grant them to realize that when they became fathers, they were actually positioned on the life and destiny of their children. Grant them the grace to understand that you have created them and equipped them with everything they need to fulfill the role you have given them not only in the lives of their wives, but also in the lives of their children. Give them a father's heart!

Give them a heart that protects. That they have a heart to protect rather than abuse their wife, their children.

Give them a heart that serves. The true father does not seek firstly what he will take but rather what he will give, because there is more joy to give than to receive. And he who gives becomes rich, receives more.

Give them a leader's heart. Make them models in their home. May they have at heart to lead to their destiny the woman and children whom you have entrusted to them, whom you have placed under their responsibility! Shapes them as true leaders. Because the true leader serves. The true leader does not wait to be served but puts himself at the disposal of others, following the example of Christ. The true leader brings out the best of those around him. The true father propels those who are under him as far as possible, in their destiny.

Lord, You are the Father of all the families of the world. Bring the fathers back to the heart of Your presence and give them a heart for their family. That they care about their family more than their careers, their ambitions and their personal pleasures. Yes, bring the hearts of fathers back to their children. Bring back the hearts of those husbands who wander far from home to their wives and children. Lord restores men, fathers today, we beseech you! In the name of Jesus Christ! Amen.


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