Understand his wife to fill her right now

Communication in the couple is always a sensitive subject. Between a man and a woman the differences are very visible, even in welded couples. It is difficult to fully understand the opposite sex and therefore for a man to understand women! Nevertheless, it is an effort to make in a love story so that it does not break down with time. You have to constantly strive for the good of your household and understand your partner is one of them. Far too many men take their wife's love for granted, so they forsake their half. I would never stop saying that this type of behavior, in the love life, is to be banned.

Your spouse has expectations, needs, and even after several years of relationship you may have trouble understanding them. Why ? Just because like you, they evolve and they change over time. Work, children, age are factors that change what your partner expects of you and life in general. Discover the tips to use for good understand his wife and do not let the couple be abandoned.

Contact his wife to better understand her

When I do a survey among my coachees or my readers asking them what is the main fault of men, the answer that comes up most often is the lack of communication man woman. I am sure that your partner has already reproached you several times. It sounds slightly "cliché" but when I advise men I notice that women are not quite wrong when she makes this opinion.

Attention Gentlemen, communication is not only talking and confiding in a woman on the pillow, it is also knowing how to listen and analyze her needs. Indeed, it works both ways and how understand his wife if we do not listen? If I allow myself to address you this type of remark, it is only in order to make you aware that in order to better understand oneself in the couple (whether one is a man or a woman) one must know how to listen to one's partner and let her express her feelings, her desires. Your first mission is to pay close attention to what your wife can say or suggest.

Understand his wife and know his expectations

I will give you the example of the holidays a little further but it is important not to wait until next summer if you have already left early July, to take initiatives tounderstand his wife. We must act now to save his couple ! It is by putting into practice my advice that you will be able to understand the one that shares your life. You have no doubt noticed the correlation between them.

Spending time with his wife will improve your communication. You will be closer to her, you will have various topics of conversation, which will allow you to better understand it. The discovery of new horizons is very favorable for the evolution of the couple and to avoid that the routine settles in your love story.

Despite some misgivings you may have, understanding his wife requires sacrifices. But is not the game worth it? What are some sacrifices on your free time or your habits compared to a life of two fulfilled and the happiness of your wife?

Because to reach think like his wife, to know its expectations will allow you to anticipate its demands, to understand the reproaches that it will be able to make you and to answer the questions that they ask themselves on the different domains of their life: professional, sentimental, family but also under the quilt because you will not ask yourself how to make love to his wifeyou will know how to fill it!

Spend time with his wife

Another recurring problem in the life of the couple, the lack of shared moments to two. In fact, in general, the longer the relationship lasts, the more the two are rare. The routine settles very quickly in a couple who does not do more activities to jointly, who does not share anything. If this situation persists and you do nothing to change it and regain a good momentum, it is your couple who may be in danger. Your wife can look elsewhere for what you do not bring her.

How to reproach him? We all seek to be happy and if someone completes us, brings us this happiness we will automatically get closer to her.

As said before, children, age, working life are reasons that can explain the decline of the time spent in two. It's not like the first day of your relationship but rest assured it's quite normal. Nevertheless, do not take these elements as excuses to no longer schedule outings, activities to do two.

Share moments of complicity with the one we love is a necessity for the good of the couple.How to share activities helps understand his wife even after several years of marriage? Because you will realize that his expectations are not the same anymore. Have you been in the same restaurant for 10 years? Do you go to the same village every summer to find the same people? Is not it time to change? Going a week to a new destination could help you better understand his companion changing your habits, discovering new things. Her tastes, her expectations, her aspirations have evolved and it is by developing the new activities that you will be able to know what she wants now, what she is looking for in the man who shares his life.

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