Pregnant Woman: Setting Up a Healthy Environment

Cosmetics, household, or do-it-yourself. Common appliances (microwaves), mobile phones, WIFI ... What are the effects on the child's development of exposure to physical or chemical elements during pregnancy and breastfeeding? Prospective parents ask themselves the question and studies on this subject are numerous, often contradictory, sometimes worrying.

"I was afraid to leave my children with their grandfathers ..."

As a mother of two children (2 years and 13 months), I have been anxious since birth, as soon as they are alone with their grandfathers. I did not understand those horrible thoughts of rape and touching that came to my mind. It only happened to me with my father and my father-in-law. I learned from my aunt a few months ago that my mother and her brothers and sisters were victims of their own father during their childhood.

My dream made me understand that I had to make a complaint

"When I think back to this dream, I still have shivers: I'm on the threshold of a beautiful, old and solid bridge. There's a city at war, no life, just fire, blood, smells of burning, I'm paralyzed with fear, my body is frozen, and yet I have to move in. A group of women in robes I do not see their faces, only what they pick up with a lot of gentleness: gold coins and earrings.

Coaches will replace psys

Do you think that the coaches will replace the psys? The term "coach" will in any case become general, because it is more rewarding. A large number of psychologists already offer coaching procedures. But generally, it is about "revamped" therapy. In this sense, we can effectively say that coaches will replace the psys.

Alcohol destroyed my family

My mother died nine years ago of liver cancer. She was an alcoholic just like my father. I have suffered a lot and I still suffer today from their addiction, from this disease which is really one of them. I started therapy a few years ago after my mother died. I thought I could continue to stifle my anger, my shame, my suffering .

The vital energy of astragalus

It stimulates the immune system, fights against infections and makes you forget fatigue. This Asian remedy may well become a new ally of Western medicine. Marie-Laurence Grézaud Where does it come from? Astragalus membranaceus - or huang qi, as the Chinese call it - grows near the forests of northeastern China, Korea and Japan.