My grandmother, who raised me, does not want me to find my sire

My grandmother, who raised me, does not want me to find my sire I'm 38 years old. I lost my mother at 6 and my adoptive father at 10. I would like to find my father, but my maternal grandmother, who raised me, told me that she would suffer more than the death of her daughter . What should I do? What can I expect from this meeting?

Are my parents guilty?

We often talk about divorce that harms children . The absence of divorce can be a thousand times worse. For more than thirty-five years, my parents fought physically, taking us children as emotional hostages. At least once a month, they beat each other, insulted one another violently, and it almost always ended up in the hospital or the cops.

Discover your emotional inheritance

Fear, sadness, anger are passed from one generation to the next. Thanks to a method devised by a psychogenealogy specialist for Psychologies, make an inventory of these emotions "borrowed" from your family past and dislodge yourself from those that do not belong to you. Flavia Mazelin Salvi Every family has a history, values, and beliefs that influence the way they behave.

My son's psychiatrist is she competent?

My son's psychiatrist is she competent? How do I know if the psychotherapist who is caring for my son is competent? He is ten and a half years old and is very anxious and hypersensitive. He is hypochondriac and has problems sleeping. Since the age of six, he has seen four psys (at his request). The last seems powerful but as soon as he stops seeing it, it goes bad again.

Retirement, a new start

Obsolete, the "fishing retreat"? Yes, retirement can be a new start! Seniors are already inventing new models. Real-life examples and advice from a coach. - Psychologies. com Since he came into my office, he says nothing. Elegant sixty, dark suit of good cut, impeccable English shoes, neat hands. A chef.

Which sport to soothe his emotions?

A blues? Play volleyball or dance zumba! A rise of anger? Try aikido or archery! At each state of mind there is a physical activity that will help you to tame it gently. Agnès Rogelet To be moved and to move. The two verbs, from the Latin movere , "stir", remind us that an emotion is a setting in motion.